Tarab Delight in Arabic Music, volume 1, by Georges Roufael composed along side more than 400 pieces inspired by the Arabic musical legacy. Professor in the High National Music Academy in Beirut, he has been training generations of musicians and music professors of the Conservatory. He published many books in Arabic, among which “Dreams in Remembering  Melodies”, “Masterpieces” (in 6 volumes), “Tarab [Delight] in Arabic Music”, “Harmony as a Science of Agreement”, “Chronicles in Arabic Music”…

In this 304 pages masterpiece, Tarab [Delight] in Arabic Music – Part one, Dr Roufael writes about the history of the arab world music and its evolution, as well as its key moments and important dates, from the egyptian Sheik Mouhammad Abed Al-Rahim (aka. Al-Masloub) and the Mouallem Chaaban in the 1800’s, and moving in time with the stars who marked and changed the arabic music reference like Sayed Darwish, Baligh Hamdi, Mouhammad Al-Mouji, Oum Kalthoum, Layla Mourad, Philemon Wehbe, Halim Al-Roumi, Mansour and Assi Al-Rahbani, Fairuz, Wadih Al-Safi, Nasri Chames-Al-Din, Awad al-Doukhi etc. and all the arabic music geniuses.

This book has all it takes to fill you with knowledge and take you to the much interesting second part.