Tarab Delight in Arabic Music, volume 2, by Georges Roufael composed along side more than 400 pieces inspired by the Arabic musical legacy. Professor in the High National Music Academy in Beirut, he has been training generations of musicians and music professors of the Conservatory. He published many books in Arabic, among which “Dreams in Remembering  Melodies”, “Masterpieces” (in 6 volumes), “Tarab [Delight] in Arabic Music”, “Harmony as a Science of Agreement”, “Chronicles in Arabic Music”…

This exhaustive 456 pages masterpiece, Tarab [Delight] in Arabic Music – Part two, is made out of six chapters and focuses on the methodology and the art behind the arabic music.
With a creative and scientific approach and unrevealed information, the researcher and writer Dr Roufael emphasize on the importance of key personalities and their methodology such as Mahmoud Al-Khadrawi, Abdo AL-Hamouli, Ahmad Ghanimi, Ibrahim Al-Kabbani, Sayed Darwish, Ali Al-Kassibji, Mouhammad Abed-Al-Wahab, to name a few.

If you want to gain knowledge about Arabic music, this book will fill your mind and soul and is the perfect continuation of the the first part.