Al Msann – Oud musical instrument methodology 3 منهج لآلة العود


With 79 pages filled with 20 captivating chapters, this Kindle e-book is jam-packed with knowledge and exercises to take your Oud musical instrument skills to new heights. Prepare to be amazed by the staggering 113 exercises and 20 songs carefully curated to make learning a breeze. Each exercise is meticulously described and depicted, ensuring that you progress as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

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Benefit from the unique Oud video-on-demand learning experience where ever you are, and on all your devices.

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Over 200 exercises.

Over 100 songs

7 different Levels

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130 chapters to master Oud

Step by step notes and rythm

Easy and Adaptive learning

Backed by e-books

Composer support

Level 1 Content
78 Pages
20 Chapters
106 Exercises
15 Songs
Songs you will learn
Fi Yom Wi Leila | Al Rozana | Sana Helwa Ya Gamil | Dal Ouna | Doulab Rast | Doulab Bayat | Ya Salat El Zein | Ala Balad El Mahboub | Doko El Mazaher | Etkal Etkal | Emta El Zaman | El Qalb Yaashak
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